Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Could be You Sometime

I am re-posting something. Not because there aren't plenty of new things to say but because this is IMPORTANT.

If you were reading a month or so ago you may remember I wrote about my friend Jocelyn's movie. The one she wrote, is directing, and is starring in.
That movie.

The heat is on, my friends. Jocelyn has until 12:25pm on Sat, Jan 8th to raise a total of $100K. She's currently, at 6:24am on Jan 6th, at $88, 453. She's already raised almost NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That means there's about $11, 500 to go.

Think about this for a second. This could be you someday. So close to a huge goal. A really impressive inspiring goal. About 50 hours left for the final pieces to fall into place. If she raises the last $11, 500 she gets to start making this movie over the summer. And if she doesn't, she doesn't keep a dime of what's been pledged.

You can help! If you go to this link you can pledge $1. You can also pledge $10, 000 which 2 people she doesn't know did. And you can pledge everything in between.

Go to the film's site to read more about it and watch the awesome video Joss made about the movie, then/or go to Kickstarter and when you get there search "I am I" which will take you to the film's page where you can pledge. (You can also watch the video there.)

If you've got a passion project, or you know someone with a passion project, then you know how deep it goes to actually get to do it. To have it be more than something you dream about. You will love this movie when you see it.

Giving is a really powerful thing. Boosts self-esteem and interestingly enough, often corresponds to you getting something you want. You've got to give it away to get it back.

Please head over there now and become a part of this magical project. THANK YOU.


  1. I love it. When you first posted this I opened up a tab in my browser and read and about the movie. Then I completely forgot to give.

    When you posted a second time I got right on and gave. And now it's funded and I couldn't be more happy for Joss. Plus I'm thrilled to be a small part of that. Thanks Melanie.

  2. thank you for supporting!!!! i know! she did it!!!!!!! totally amazing.

  3. Mel! I just this second read this for the first time!!! Thank you!!! I know you mentioned that you re-posted it, but during all the craziness I didn't get a chance to check it out. Thank you for all the kind words and support. And thank you, Desi!!!