Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a Little Wednesday Inspiration

I'm going to geek out on acting for a moment..... If you're an actor, if you once thought about being an actor, if you're married to an actor, if you're best friends with an actor, if acting isn't your thing at all but you believe in telling the truth, being present, and letting go of the need to have people like you, then watch this.

And get to the end--that's where it gets REEEEAAAAALLLLLY good. And it is so not limited to acting, though I did get a big shot of goose bumps knowing that's what I get to go do tonight. However you express yourself, I hope this inspires you to go do some of that.

And on the mama front, here's me with my nephew Dashiell.

is he perfect or WHAT?!

He's rather inspiring in his own way--his own many adorable ways-- and so, too is his gorgeous mama.


  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. How's your new play going?

  2. you're back!!! it's great. first preview last night---glad that's out of the way:)

  3. That video really hit home. Thanks for sharing. It made me cry. I don't act, but I try to be present and do the work of life. That's not always popular.

  4. Indeed it is not. Until it is---and the people that want to do it too are usually the ones we want around for a while, no? I wrestle with that too!!! But it's always worth it:)