Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn and I have been friends for several years. The whole movement teacher/actress double life initially bonded us. She was a gyrotonics teacher; I, as you know, teach the yoga, and we've both been working away at our acting lives for a good while now. We've kvetched about wanting better agents, we've been up against each other for parts, we've been in great classes and totally lame classes together, we've supported each other's goals, we've eaten bad Italian food at 1am on more than one occasion, and alternately gone on and off sugar, gluten and alcohol.

Joss wrote a movie a while back that blew me away. Blew lots of people away actually. A funny, quirky, very very moving story called I am I about a girl connecting with her father for the first time. A father who's mental health is questionable.....I'll say no more. When I read the script I couldn't believe how she said so much in such clean language. By clean I mean nothing extra: spare in the best way. She's been working on getting it made. It is as hard as everyone says it is to get funding these days, and Joss is attached as writer, star and now DIRECTOR. Whoa. Fast forward over several months (a year maybe?) and Joss decides there's another way to go. She's raising the money herself via Kickstarter.

Please please give yourself a treat and go watch her video that explains about the movie. It's one long 4 1/2 minute take (that is a long brilliant take!) Then click on the button to learn more about backing her film. Even if you choose not to, reading the rewards you get for pledging different amounts are hilarious, genius, and completely enticing. But you could pledge $1 and help get this thing made. I am totally inspired by my friend. Talk about going after what you want. Yay Joss.

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