Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paulina Quintana

One of us in this house gets to be fashionable. It's not me. Thanks to Aunt Kristina scoring at a consignment store in Solana Beach, Luciana is decked out below in a bib and diaper cover by LA fave Paulina Quintana. Honestly, when the weather is warm (which, sadly for this outfit, it is starting to not be) what else do you need? A bib for the surprise spit-up and a cover to make the tush look cute.

model pictured with Elijah, an elephant made by writer's mother

I hadn't heard of Paulina, being new to the designer clothes baby scene, but apparently she has a nationwide cult following not only for her adorable, colorful, classy, simple clothes, but for her quintessential un-diaper bag. Which I really want. And at $440 am probably not going to get this week. Unless I find one on ebay, where I am headed as soon as this post is finished.....

Covetable, right?

Paulina is a former teacher, wife of an artist, who started making clothes for her niece before she had her own two babes, and the line was born.

Luciana and I will be making a trip to Silver Lake soon. I might be in the same maxi dress I wear about 4 times a week, but my girl will come home in something like this


  1. OOOHHHH!!! She's really working it, Mellie. I think she will be a fashionista by the time she's 2.