Friday, October 21, 2011

Tane Organics

Am I way behind all hip mamas in that I am just now finding out about Tane Organics? I saw some of their stuff when I was in one of my most favorite baby stores and I am head-over-heels. Want to wrap Luciana up in everything they make. And who are the babies on their site?

Hello beautiful beings!

I would love this quartz-colored kimono onesie anyway, but when you showcase it with her?This heart is melting.

I've never seen a henley onesie, and now I'm pretty sure Luciana would be in one 3 days a week.

This sweet dress is what I saw in Eggy and almost fell over. I know this picture is sooooo tiny but trust me: pair it with some leggings? I'd probably try to borrow it.

And of course (because they're so awesome) they have blankets, toys, and the best booties I've just about ever seen.

I approve of the vintage teddy bear, btw.

And because on top of being beautiful, soft, completely organic, and named for the Japanese word for "seed", Tane couldn't stop there. They're also charitable, and the proceeds from every single sale of this globe rattle goes to an organization which funds education in rural areas around the world. It's their I am the World campaign, which of course is the perfect name.

I think my Christmas list will be at least 3/4 Tane organics. I don't ask for things for me anymore.

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