Friday, January 22, 2010

This is my first post!

This is the strange feeling everyone talks about: I am writing something everyone can read, but at the moment no one will! Since no one knows about my blog, except friends that know it will exist at some point.

I am looking for an apt you're the first one at a party, you're all dressed up, and you realize no one will be there for at least an hour......

So I am starting this blog. In thinking about how to describe it, I thought, it's for Hip Spiritual Chicks: ie women (or men frankly---I'm not attached to the Chicks part) wanting to live a conscious life but also very much of the earth. Like a good glass of wine, go gaga for handbags on occasion, muck up communications with loved ones, swear like sailors when on the road... but at the end of the day and the start of the morning and hopefully lots in between remember that life is about love, surrender, vision, service, and taking as many opportunities as life gives to practice those.

And now I feel I should post a photo. Since most good blogs do. Here is me and my husband Sky on our wedding day in Sept. 2009. One of my yoga students said it's like Men in Black do a wedding. I loved that.