Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Great Outdoors

As we continue to make progress on the inside of the house, it's getting rather gorgeous outside so we've been taking some action around outdoor furniture. I have fantasies of nursing the baby on a big chaise lounge in this half of the front yard
which as you can see is screaming to be occupied with something. We found a double-lounger/big chaise at West Elm and took advantage of their summer sale plus a coupon we had that I think is going to work. There's room for all 3 of us on it and I'm into the orange cushion. We seem to always gravitate to color around here (I told you the accent wall in the baby room is turquoise, right?).

The pending question is what to put in the other half of the yard

I'd take any of these:
here--this is in Bali, no less. Of course.

Martha comes through

via here

House Beautiful this is so beautiful--it's not a front yard but I am inspired

The reality is we're probably going to end up with some colorful plastic chairs and a bistro table for now. The budget dictates something along those lines. But seeing the yellow chairs above gives me some hope it can be cheerful and classy at the same time. I've been looking on Craigs List but this is probably not the time people are selling their amazing outdoor furnishings. I will look again in October......

Meanwhile, this little one is hanging around the front door and I, gulp, bought some cat food after giving it milk for about a week. Another creature that I'm not sure is a boy or a girl. We're to the petting stage now, which means I should get some gloves and borrow a cat carrier and take it to the vet for shots. If I'm in fact going down this road. Which is looks like I might be. Maternal instincts are powerful things.

But give and you are given to! I had no idea I had an artichoke plant in the yard til a week ago when these appeared! Dinner tonight.


  1. just be sure to have plenty of chairs... so i can lounge around your front yard and pet kitties and hold babies all summer!
    i think a birdbath would be oh, so melly... no?

  2. Please keep the cat! The ones we're meant to have always choose us. It looks like a girl to me and she's beautiful......she could be a sweet addition to your new family. I have a cat carrier you can borrow and I can drop it off at yogaworks for you if you want...

  3. Jules, we'll get you your own chair. bird bath and kitty? does that work?
    Carey, that would be amazing if i could borrow the carrier! Yes, kitty is staying:)

  4. hmmm... i didn't think that one through!