Sunday, March 21, 2010

Frumious Muchness

It's spring here! I am so happy. Not that winter was brutal mind you; it's LA. Here's what I want to wear every day this week since now it is officially pretty dress season:

I saw this movie yesterday with my sister Ashley who's visiting from Georgia where she is about to graduate from college. I have friends who have been "eh" about the movie; I loved it. Computer imaging: amazing
3D experience: so fun (the Cheshire Cat just made me want to have a roly poly adorable ball of cat on my lap immediately)
Philosophical reminders: plenty. "The vorpal sword knows what it wants; all you have to do is hold on" says Mad Hatter to Alice. Interpretation: your soul has a plan! Show up for the ride.
Mad Hatter tells Alice she's lost her muchness. Read: There's a difference between living really as you and walking around in fear or on autopilot or in people-pleasing. And the real you is what's magnetic and glorious.
The practice of believing 6 impossible things before breakfast! I'm bringing it back.

Then there's Bayard the dog. Who kind of looks like this dog

My dad's dog Lucy. A hero in her own short right. I am sucker for talking dogs I realize. In "Up"? C'mon. Hats off to the actors who nail the semi-befuddled, eager to do well, absolute earnestness of their canines. When Bayard gets reunited with his wife and puppies I was overcome. And then the puppies rolled around on their little backs.....Sigh.

Growing up my grandmother read "The Jabberwock" to me regularly. She chewed the words: frumious, bandysnatch, galumphing, snicker-snack. I can see the expression on her face--she relished reading to me---and hear the exact way the words came out of her mouth. Memories are crazy that way--they jump out at you all of a sudden like, well, white rabbits--surprising and intriguing and you never know how long you'll chase them before they disappear into an invisible perameter of the brain. "The Jabberwock" which definitely creeped me out and made me just a little bit scared but a lot bit brave is, from my present perch, another delicious myth about meeting your demons and slaying them. And to do that you step out alone, as the White Queen reminds our heroine.

My dear friend Kate is having a baby in June, and for her baby shower she and the baby's daddy Ben are throwing a Mad Hatter Tea Party baby shower! Now I am mui inspired! I could copy Johnny Depp's in the movie, with its black lace fabric and long dirty pink silk sash tied around.....or I could go for something like this

or this
or my current favorite this

but there is definitely a trip to the fabric district in my near future. If only I knew how to sew and I could make that dress up there.


  1. Interesting take on Alice's character.
    There is much in the way of biblical metaphor in the movie. The fall down the rabbit hole as the decent into sin and then the final defeat of the dragon and the rising-up into light. Absalom's metamorphosis brings with it Alice's self-knowledge and understanding of her purpose and the spiritual reality of the underworld or wonderland. This precedes her stepping up to the plate as the champion of the kingdom of good and gives her the courage and strength to fight the good fight against the adversary.

  2. as with so many fairy tales the layers keep going and going and going. thanks for reading and writing