Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Darkest Night

I know I'm not the only one writing about this today.

We have a total lunar eclipse on the full moon on the winter solstice. It's kind of a big day.

Above is a pic I found on the Huffington Post taken in El Salvador early this morning. It's the Savior of the World after the earth had passed in front of the full moon and turned it to that deep mysterious orange.

I like astrology; I don't know a whole whole lot about it past the basics that most of you probably know too. I know the basics of my chart, the basics of all the signs, and what it means when Mercury is in retrograde. But I am fascinated by it, and today I had a feeling that there would be some big stuff being written given these cosmic happenings. On Astrology Zone you can read more about eclipses. Bottom line is they bring change. Could seem positive, could seem challenging, but they bring change and with that the feeling of being suspended in the unknown. Doesn't have to be a scary thing.

Then I went over to the Golden Bridge site and listened to Gurmukh's message and learned that this is only the second time in 200, 000 years that we've had a solstice, full eclipse and full moon happening at once. Whoa. She says don't do humdrum ordinary things today. Even if you're in your routine, be present to the possibility of the extraordinary. I like that.

The solstice is the longest night and in that way it symbolizes a return to the light. The days will start getting longer. The light is slowly coming back. The end of the year is a time where we let go of the old and allow the new. I know I want to get clear on what I need to feel good about 2011 beginning. What thoughts I want to let go of. Start to shape my dreams for the new year. Tie up some loose ends specifically involving my health insurance. Do some file purging. Recognize what's old, not helpful, what's getting in the way. Make room for new dreams, let new ideas to take shape, embrace new happiness and welcome the unfolding of new freedom.

It's a busy time and we've all got a lot to do. But it could be nice to take a few minutes to meditate on the magnificence of the cosmos, to be willing to align with nature since, after all, we're made of the same elements, and whether we pay attention or not there are some unusual things happening out there. Or maybe we simply sit with closed eyes and be in the dark. A lot of amazing things happen in the dark.

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