Friday, July 22, 2011

Belly on Blue

You all know I have the most rad sister-in-law in the world. Amazing designer, crafty person, party planner, blogger, MAMA, and yes, photographer. She popped over yesterday with my nephew and snapped a few quick end-of-the-road belly shots. I LOVE them.

The turquoise wall is the accent wall of our nursery--I promise I'll post pics of the whole house sometime this year--and it's such a perfect photo wall. Who knew? I love that there's one with Sky in it too. He is, after all, a rather key element in this whole journey.

I have some more maternity pics taken by my friend, the beautiful Ramona Trent that I'll be posting once I have a disc. There are a lot of nude ones in that set, though, so most of them won't make it on the internet. I'm picky that way.

So here we are. 40 weeks on Sunday. My birthday is tomorrow, so as of now it's looking like each year we'll celebrate my birthday and then baby's....but anything can happen between now


  1. beautiful. it's crazy to think that s/he is all folded up in there. too exciting for words.

  2. Wow!!!! They are gorgeous photos! I found your blog through Lovely Morning, and at 22 weeks along, I've found your posts truly enlightening! Good luck to you and your family!

  3. @Desi: so crazy.and so exciting:) @Sally Mae: anything I can offer experience on I am so happy to do so!!! ask me anything anytime:) you look great--it's the best ride ever as I'm sure you know

  4. You look so pretty! Congratulations and good luck!

  5. These are fabulous! You look beautiful! Best of luck bringing him or her into the world! xo.