Monday, August 22, 2011

Peaches and the Great Indoors

It was so incredible to read your comments on my birth story. Thank you so much for all the love and support. To all of you who hopped over from Lovely Morning over the last couple of weeks, it's a treat to have you! Stop by anytime. And to the mamas who shared your experiences and feelings about the whole thing--it really brought home what I'd heard and now know to be true---once a mama, you feel so tied to all other mamas. You made me cry too:)

This weekend Sky and I dove deeper into the rhythms--or lack thereof---of new parents. Whereas prior to having Luciana, we'd be plotting how many outdoor and/or urban adventures we'd have in 48 hours, on Saturday we stayed in our PJs til noon and watched summer out the windows. Luciana, I believe, will love the outdoors; for now she likes small doses of it when she's awake, though we do take long walks with her in the Moby wrap, in which she loves to sleep. That morning, though, we'd all been up at 5:30, so rather than tackling the Venice streets, we rested with her, inhaling her newborn-head scent while we caught up on episodes of Web Therapy (completely hilarious) and The Big C, which managed to make me cry (surprise). I am always bittersweet as the summer light starts to look more like fall, but this time rather than racing to the beach as often as I can, I'm appreciating being warm in tank tops and bare feet as I hang inside, front and back doors open, watching my little one watch the outdoors from our big front window.

I did go a little crazy with peaches in the kitchen, however, peeling and slicing up a bunch of them and freezing them so I can make peach ice cream in December. Then I made my second batch of Bourbon-Poached Peaches from Martha. The first time I made them they were delicious, but I wanted even more flavor of bourbon. Maybe it's because I'm not drinking it yet. All the booze cooks off in this, of course, so breastfeeding mamas, go to town.

This time I reduced the sugar-water portion of the recipe by about a fourth, and poured the bourbon a little more liberally. I think I like this second batch even better. So, as always, tweak to your liking.

My dad visited last week, and he texted me yesterday to wish me and Sky a sweet weekend. And that's what it was. I can't say we're settling into a routine; at this age Luciana doesn't have one, but yes, we're learning to read her better and she's staying awake a bit longer and can entertain herself by looking out if we put her down for a few minutes. She loves the changing table, which at first she would wail on. And of course we made sure to practice, since we're perfecting it, the family nap.

Hope you all had a beautiful one.

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  1. Mmm, looks delicious! One of my dad's (many) sayings is "have a sweet day!" which always makes me smile. It's so much better than "have a good day" or "have a nice day." Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. xo.