Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend for Three

As I said we were, we went away last weekend.

It lovely.

Sky and I had amazing time with Luciana together---that was most of the weekend and that was wonderful. She looked back and forth to us with what seemed like big delight and a bit of fascination---we were really light on the family playtime the last couple of months. But we also each had great one-on-one time with her--I get lots of that but Sky doesn't and man, does that girl love her daddy. And he and I had a little time with each other. That's the beauty of the travel crib: baby goes to sleep in the bathroom, where it's really quiet and really dark. Never mind that Mom and Dad had to go outside to the patio and pee in the bushes. No joke.

There was some amazingly warm weather and Luciana got to put her feet in the ocean for the first time.

She spent lots of time playing in the grass.

And oh yes--where we stayed! I didn't get many photos but suffice to say the Four Seasons in Montecito is as good as we hoped it would be. I have wanted to stay there for years, and at low season with a stay 2 nights, get the 3rd free promotion plus "Incidentals" credit, it was manageable. A splurge, but a manageable splurge, especially given that a nursing mama can't drink many of their delicious cocktails. When you stay there you have access to the Coral Casino, a swanky beach club across the street with a crazy good swimming pool. I do want to return there in July with a big sun hat and a copy of The Great Gatsby. But then it will be high season, so I think I'll have to wait.

And that's OK, because as wonderful as they are, life is not about hotels. It's about having time to kiss your beloveds on the nose. Sometimes nice hotels are facilitators for that since there are no kitchens to clean. But the point is to find time for this stuff daily. I'm happy to say that we have.

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