Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Curious

OMG people. I'm taking a detour today from mama musings because I can't not share the adorableness that is Tiny Curiosity. Created by one of my besties Carmen's cousin Julia, it is honestly some of the most darling baby clothes, nursery decor, and little accessories that I've ever seen. Seriously! Don't stop reading if you're not a mom. If you need to shop for a mom, or one day might shop for a mom, bookmark her page now.

Julia and Carmen came over a couple weeks ago so Luciana could model the Ellie Elephant line

And while Ellie is pink and grey, making her more suitable to the bambinas, Julia has taken requests to make Ellie green. Or blue. I guess then he becomes Elliott, and the baby boys have loved him.

I still have no theme to Luciana's nursery, but if you do you could style a whole room around Ellie or her cohort who is a little owl. Look at this mobile and this quilt! (Quilts are how Julia got into this whole thing to begin with. She makes her friends custom ones for their babes. I need to be her friend.)

Once you pick out your quilt, you can order bunting flag banners to match. Luciana's nursery might be beyond the work-in-progress it continues to be had I found all of this earlier on.

Lastly, and I am ordering one right now, is this genius toy:

It's a crinkle ring. Meaning that all those leafy-looking pieces of fabric have that famous crinkle paper in them that draw babies like bees to flowers, and they're attached to the ring that can be a) a teether and/or b) the perfect new addition to the Shake Shake dance that my baby, for one, does with pretty much everything that makes sound.

I have a craft crush on Julia, I really do.


  1. that first picture is melt-able! and yes, i remember how fascinated my nephew was by crinkle stuff. we always said "you want your crispies?" hahah :)

  2. I have a craft-crush too....and a Luciana crush!

  3. Luciana is so cute!Love hte third photo of her.