Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Baby) Nay, I Say

I'm going to tell you all about the birthday. 
When I finish picking up wrapping paper and sit still long enough to take it all in.

This, however, is something I've been intending to post about for a month! I love that by being a mama I make friends I wouldn't know otherwise. It's through our babies that I met my gorgeous friend Delia, who works with Baby Nay. If we play word association with Baby Nay's clothes, I get


The last one, perhaps, because Luciana looks like one in this romper of theirs.

Then there's the dress. If you go on the Nay site, this one is actually in the Piccola Danza line--maybe just a tad fancier than Baby Nay, which a baby girl has to be sometimes. I would have put LC in this for her birthday, but we were playing outside in water and dirt. Not gonna happen.

Let it be known there are ruffly white bloomers under the dress, which get as much attention as the dress itself. I didn't catch it in Canouan, but if you zoomed in on the neckline of this dress, you'd see little pearls. I can't get enough of how the dress billows around my babe when a wind blows.

I hadn't heard of Baby Nay before Delia, but now I've seen them everywhere. If you need further proof of their deliciousness, start here, then head to the site and start swooning.

photo from Nay et al

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