Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alex and Ani

One of my dearest friends in the world introduced me to the Alex and Ani (named for the designer's kids) jewelry line while I was in NYC last weekend.

I love these because 1)they are gorgeous. When I wear gorgeous things I feel more gorgeous. Not because of the thing itself necessarily, but because I took the time to put on something I want to wear, something I love, and that's esteemable. That's good for my relationship with me. And 2) they are made consciously, mindfully, with the intention of connecting the wearer to dimensions within: strength, grace, compassion, generosity. I love a visual reminder of an intention. It doesn't have to be a literal reminder--as in it doesn't have to say LOVE--but if it reminds me of that then every time I look at that I'm going to remember.

A sampling:

I love cuffs. And eagles are rad. So powerful and graceful and ass-kicking when they need to be.
This one's part of her Charity by Design collection. Proceeds from these pieces go to the charity the piece is associated with, and she's always rotating new causes in. This one saves the African rainforests. Yes.

I'm not really a headband person but I'd make an exception for this one.

The Halo Divinity Circle. Need I say more?

Stunning, no? As you might have guessed from my love affair with the Virgins, Saints and Angels line, I love a piece that has relics from the past. She has a whole Byzantine collection.

And that's just a beginning. You can design your own bangle at the Bangle Bar (me I'm going for a zodiac charm--Leo--and some beaded metal ones with a plain gold or 2 thrown in). The prices are really reasonable for something you'll have forever.

Time to start that Santa list.

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