Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Very Quiet Now

I kind of don't know where to start.

The 3 plays are finished and I promised Sky and myself that I'd take a little time to be home.

Over the last 5 months I've played women from 24-38 living between 1880 and 2010. I've been English for 2 of them and am still tempted to pronounce the word been as the British bean rather than the American bin.

I've put several thousand miles on my car driving to and from the theatres. I've listened to audio books (highlight was revisiting Bridget Jones' Diary which I read about 10 years ago. Hilarious still) and started learning Spanish on CD.

I have done that crazy thing that theatre does where you get really really close to people and suddenly the show is over and time passes and you don't talk for 2 months.

It has been (bean) so extraordinary. I'll post photos when I get them---waiting for a CD to arrive with good pix.

And now....home. Remembering what it is to cook dinner more than one night a week (and that's if we're lucky), having date night with Sky on a Saturday instead of a Monday, seeing friends' babies, and sleeping. Lord, have I been sleeping. I clocked 35 hours over 4 nights. And catching up on the blogs I love to read! Crispy Tarts I miss you!!

I am so happy to be back here. How are you????

I'll let you know on the baby frontier that I really really really thought I was pregnant last week. I'm not. And I actually cried about it. That was a first. But when Sky and I were, ahem, trying a couple of weeks ago, I got really emotional and the next day we both said that if it hadn't happened we both felt a special little spirit came to visit. That morning I dreamed about a little being that matched a little being my mom has dreamed about twice. So I think it's close. I remind myself, though, that close to me might be another month; close in divine timing could be a month, could be another 6--the Universe has its own timeline and I am praying to trust it. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and all my PCOS symptoms are gone. Can you believe it?! GONE. In a matter of months. I tell you, our bodies want to heal, and if we let them they will.

It's a little scary to not have another project to jump into. But wait, I do have projects! I am going to perfect pizza crust and Parisian macarons! I am going to get back into kundalini yoga at Golden Bridge! I am going to hang out with girlfriends for more than an hour at a time. And maybe, just maybe, I'm going to start carrying a munchkin. But most importantly I am going to do for me what can be the hardest: live in the unknown with lots of unstructured time.


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed on the baby front. We're trying again after miscarriage. It IS very emotional.