Monday, October 18, 2010

Bits from the Weekend

Spent time with this precious munchkin: my nephew Dashiell who is already almost 8 months old. Hooooooow did that happen???

Ate at this incredible restaurant. Their site plays some pretty sexy music. I think I need to find out who it is. Dinner was amazing. Honestly have never had Mexican food quite like it. Need to go back for the goat cheese tamale and the roasted vegetable enchiladas pronto let alone the leather swings we sat in at the bar.

Reading this beautiful book

And listening to a lot of rain


  1. oh look! he is on record with the thumb sucking. But it's so cute, isn't it??

    maybe we need to come with you to Red O?

  2. i think you would LOVE it
    we could do that.......