Friday, April 15, 2011

Kitchen Transforme, a GIVEAWAY, and Lots of Exclamation Points

Remember we spoke about Chic Shelf Paper not too long ago? All those adorable patterns for those old drawers longing for some personality? We've teamed up. I went with the pattern most of you liked that was actually my favorite too and


{Ahhhhhhhhhh!} That's me singing an aria.

Look how nice they look!!!!!!

I should have taken before pics but who wants to see worn stained drawers? They were sad. And now I want to keep them open all the time! The pots and pans shelves actually don't have doors and I'm finally happy about that.

I love love love this company. It's something subtle you can do to a room and totally change it from "ugh" or "eh" to "oooooh". And guess what?! They are sponsoring a giveaway--my first ever:)

Simply leave your name and email in the comment section and a winner will be selected at random on Wednesday the 20th. The lucky recipient will receive one roll of 24" by 10" laminated vinyl shelf paper in the pattern of her choice. Shipping and CA sales tax included.

Maybe you'll go for the distressed damask
I do love it. Or you could go with this for a tropical feel
or here for classic feminine
or here

the antique ceiling tiles are pretty cool. There are a couple hundred options so you should be covered for the kitchen or hutch or bar or bathroom room.

FUN! And promise me you'll let us see the results.


  1. Looks beautiful! My bathroom drawers could definitely use some jazzing up!

  2. yea - i would love this!

  3. Looks great, Melanie! I'm feeling the tropical feel for my drab drawers;)

  4. Awesome. La Isla (Yellow) or Cross Me (Yellow) would look great in my kitchen.

  5. These are so beautiful!

  6. Your drawers look fabulous, Melanie! What a great way to bring some spark into a room! The Lime Tiles would bring a breath of fresh air to my kitchen!

  7. oops - forgot to leave my email: Karmen from anonymous above email is:

  8. Congrats on your first giveaway! Thanks-- my kitchen shelves could definitely use some sprucing up too!! Sign me up! :)

  9. Wow - this makes such a difference! Love the pattern you chose. So cute! We are moving soon too!

  10. Love it. Nice touch in a kitchen. Gives it some personality
    e-mail is

    Name is Nicole