Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sneak Peek

The house is coming together. SLOWLY.

I'd of course like to do a grand spread where I show you everything perfectly in place, clean, with flowers everywhere and dappled light. And that will be next year. Or hopefully (please!) by June. I'd like to feel moved in by the time baby arrives.

But here's a snippet:

Our front living room. I say front because we have a lounge-y area in the back that a big comfy couch is going in (which is supposed to be delivered this week and my hopes are so high.). This front room has a day bed, eventually an armchair, our books, and this desk

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I L.O.V.E. it. We had a gift card to Room and Board and we put it towards this, the Parsons. Technically a dining table, but whatevs. Works as a desk for both of us. The light in this room is spectacular, and I love working amidst all the green from the yard out front.

Side note:

Isn't that Einstein quote the best?? Can you even read it? Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. And the calendar I bought on Etsy from Karey at mackin' ink.

We're figuring out seating at the desk. The bench you see in the photo is actually from our dining table (thank you, table, for loaning), and obviously too dark. But it did get us thinking that we like the bench thing. Especially since the desk is in a room where when people come over they'll sit. We could do two desk chairs for sure (and I actually have 2 from Ikea I'm going to try out because they were $39 and I was there and isn't that how it goes at Ikea? I have no problem driving back to return--I'll come home with another planter or kitchen towel), but the bench idea might look nicer given that this is suddenly a hybrid room.

I've been scoping these:

from Room and Board (most are customizable, including the Parsons which is a match for the desk which we did in white powder coat on the legs and cherry butcher block on the top)

from Croft House but the wood doesn't look as smooth. No butt splinters please.
And from Environment. Too dark but maybe they'd do a lighter one?

And of course if you've seen some out in your travels please send along. I'd love to find one that's budget-friendly; at the same time Sky and I are both feeling like we're buying pieces now that we're going to have for a long long time. So Ikea may lose this one.

And for your final preview: what I started tackling yesterday

THE GARAGE. It doesn't look a lot different from that now because the Ikea Antonius shelf that should have taken 20 minutes to assemble took an hour and a half because the metal things you hammer in are f-ing ridiculous and barely fit. Easy my ass. But I did get it done (mind you I have the Omar shelf ahead of me still) and the next garage photos I post will be shiny happy ones.


  1. ooo..I like the garage! It looks like a fun place to get creative...

  2. i'm going to vote for the matching bench. love your sweet casa. xo.