Thursday, February 18, 2010


Meaning (according to me): a way of getting somewhere, not only physically but emotionally, spiritually as well

It's really important to have something in your life that transports you from the realm of your everyday and brings you into pure joyful contact with your spirit. This can be lots of different things, and you very may well have lots of tested methods you use regularly---share them with me!! I'd love to try. Some of mine are yoga (hence I decided to teach it so I could hang out with it all the time), certain pieces of classical music and the song Sky's and my bridal party walked down the aisle to at our wedding, desert sunshine or ocean sunshine or pretty much anywhere in nature unadulterated sunshine, there are actually tons. Life is so fun when we let it be, right? For me, though, when I'm in the city and maybe I don't have a lot of time, and part of breaking through to euphoria is literally working off anything that built up on me during the day in my sometimes-crazy head, or after traffic, or I didn't get a job I wanted, I need something I can get to fast, that I can do relatively quickly, and for my physical self I need a good sweat and some music. I get on a spin bike. Preferably one at Eileen O'Connell's class at Equinox Santa Monica. Her class was a huge part of the months before the wedding when my brain was so busy I thought it would combust sometimes, and emotions were high, and I would get on this thing and listen to her songs and literally feel like I was pedaling on those shafts of light above the clouds. I used to run; I don't do that anymore since my knees started not to like it, and I hungered for a long time for that runner's high. This passes it with flying colors for me.

Disclaimer: spinning may not be for you. Pedaling really hard with loud music may not be your way of connecting to divinity. No biggie. Find your thing and do it regularly. And the joys of Eileen's classes, too, are that I get completely euphoric on pop and hip hop songs I very well could have passed over on the radi0--I tend not to be the most on-the-pulse when it comes to popular music, and I never used to be caught dead listening to Top 40. My experience is anything we think we're too good for will come back to get us! Case in point. My ipod, with its hefty jazz lists and Aretha and hip-alternative artists, is now good and full with the likes of Rhianna, Giuseppe D, Christina Aguilera, and many many more.

Some of the songs taking me to heaven recently:
Delirious/ Vistoso Bosses feat. Soulja Boy)
Empire State of Mind/Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys
Numb/Encore/Jay-Z and Linkin Park
anything Michael Jackson (and if you're lucky another great teacher at Equinox Aimee Nicotera will play a 25-min MJ marathon. YEEESSS!!!!)
Slide/Kaya Project (older and different genre but always amazing for those introspective steady climbs)

and remember Nellie? and Paper Planes? Lily Allen's The Fear? Love Lockdown? Viva La Vida? Madcon? and of course you can blast out your tried and true Aretha and Journey and Peter Gabriel and Federico Aubele and Stevie Wonder and and and and.......there is no end to good music. Tell me your current faves!!

Happy weekend.

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