Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter of my Imagination

Something I found beautifulThis is the work of Sandra Juto. I just found her site thanks to Orangette, which I read fervently. Sandra has image after beautiful image on her site, on her blog, in her shop. I want to go to Sweden just to hang out in her town, wear her socks and neckworms (and wristworms! in so many colors!), and read the books that inspired her to create this print "Bookgirl"

She also illustrates children's books. I love this one of a Moose for The Ark Project which is a book that is saving wildlife around the world.

I am such an instant fan!

It's her photos, though, like the one I showed you, that I keep going back to. The ones of trees and patterns happening accidentally in glass and window displays that seem so daring to be so colorful when everything is stark around them. It makes me wish we had some winter here in LA. I crave reminders that it's ok--beautiful even--to feel bare and to wait. That the leaves are coming, the ideas are coming, the feeling of being full and lush is coming. Just because I can't see it on the outside doesn't mean it isn't happening. Winter, when it looks like winter, reminds me of that. I seem to need that reassurance this week. You?

*all of this I posted is property of Sandra, of course! Thank you Sandra!!

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  1. Moose!! I need a moose book. Maybe it will occupy me while I wait. For at least 1 hour?