Friday, June 25, 2010

They're Alive!

Remember how I was swooning over The Bird and the Bee a couple of months ago? Their Hall&Oates cover album became my preshow music for Dinner With Friends, by the way. Cate, who was the other woman in the show with me, and I got ritualistic about it, and whatever else we were listening to, we had to listen to a bit of that before the stage manager called "places". Then one day Patrick, one of the guys in the show, was listening to some beautiful, doo-woppy sounding music in his dressing room. My ears perked up, I inquired, and was told it was this rad band called The Living Sisters. I downloaded immediately only to learn as I did that one of the 3 lovely ladies in this trio is Inara George. She's one half of the Bird and the Bee. And she definitely gets a place in the Inspiring Women category.

THEN joy of joys I realized another member of the band is Eleni Mandell who I was obsessed with several years ago, and in a crime of musical irresponsibility, have not followed for a while. I just logged onto her site and seriously, go, listen, get hooked. She has this sexy, sometimes sinister voice that always made me feel like a bad-ass capable of doing anything--anything--I wanted to do. The song "He Thinks He's in Love" is one of my top ten favorite songs ever.
photo property of Veronique Messier

She wears amazing clothes to boot. They all do.

And the 3rd member is Becky Stark, who I haven't had the pleasure of knowing as much about but she is the singer for Lavender Diamond, which I have certainly heard on KCRW and remember thinking "what a gorgeous voice". Definitely some research happening on them this weekend. See what happens when you bring 3 talented girls together? It's like exponentially satisfying--you get, y'know, 6 new things to listen to.

Here they are as The Living Sisters, courtesy of their myspace page. How could they be anything but great if they look like that?

Living Sisters are exactly the kind of music I love for summer: relaxed, easy, lyrics to sing along to while the front door is open and you're sitting on the porch with a mint julep.

I've opted to share this one with you because it's one of my favorites of theirs but this is a remix! Which means if you love their voices, go to the album and hear the original one which slays me; but now you have a bonus track I got from that same myspace page!
How Glad I Am (Greyboy Allstars Remix) by The Living Sisters

Happy listening.


  1. You got me out on my porch with a drink (ok, no mint julep but a glass of pinot grigio) and eleni mandell. Love her. And thanks for the idea! xoxo

  2. YAY! may we all spend hours doing such all summer.