Friday, June 11, 2010

Virgin Saint Angel

I am none of the above.

However, a couple of weeks ago there was yet another turn in baby-creating world, and my body did it's thing--you know--it's woman thing. It bled. It was quite amazing, actually; and I realized the upshot of going through what I've been going through with no cycle is that I'll never be that girl that complains about her period. It was incredible to see my friends' faces when I told them---they got so excited and I felt so supported and cheered on. The kind of positivity that makes something already good even greater and more real. I'm continuing with my health stuff as I was before, even with the show running (OK I'm getting a little less sleep but my happiness level is so high that it makes up for what I'm not getting in rest), and I know that this doesn't mean I'll have the same experience this month but it might.....

It was worth celebrating.

Sky is a big fan of the celebration. Our engagement story is the stuff of legend---it's a 30-minute tale--I'll tell you sometime---and he's the kind of guy that plays it low key.....until he doesn't. Then he goes all out. And he gets to decide what's a good reason for going all-out. This became one of those times.

We planned date night on a night I got home from rehearsal and he showed up with 12 unbelievable red variegated roses, some sparking shiraz (one of my favorite things to drink---sparkling and red?! c'mon), 3 dinner reservations for me to choose from, and a gold box for me to open.

This was inside it.

Welcome to Virgins, Saints, and Angels jewelry line. (If you click on this link it will take you to their home page but most of the designs aren't visible there---you have to be an authorized retailer. There are more images here.) The pieces are borrowed from Mexican symbols of feminity; some are made with found objects; some are replicas of found objects. All are guaranteed for life. Here are some more:
You can wear them dressed up on a Saturday or throw them on with a t-shirt and boom, you're glam.
Needless to say, when I wear the one Sky gave me with the heart in the middle I feel my female goddess superpowers in full effect. Alisa said the coolest thing to me in our call yesterday: she said motherhood doesn't begin when you conceive, it begins when you decide to have a child. This feels like my first Mothers' Day gift.


  1. Aw...that is so sweet. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift!

    Happy Mother's Day:)

  2. Aww Mel! CONGRATS :)

    My brotha is such a good one--you totally deserved that celebratory night though, anyways! xoxoxo


  3. Hey. So great meeting you as well. I was a total spaz as I was nervous too. Amazing job in the play! Definitely get my number from Cate and let's hook up for lunch sometime:)

  4. I don't know you but want to cheer with you too!

  5. YAY!!!!! I knew this goodness was on it's way to you. Yay! your on your 'holiday' :) p/s ...gorgeous gift

  6. You all are the BEEEEEST! thank you so much for you excitement and support.

  7. Beautiful entry Mel! Have a happy period!