Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lemon Birds

It was my birthday last Friday, and on Sunday after a matinee preview Sky wrangled friends to drink rose with me at The Other Room

There he is, dutifully filling my glass for the, um, 4th time?
photos courtesy of Kristina---you're the best, as always

I do love birthday prezzies, I must say, and Juliana, who was my roommate for several years, knows me well: bring me something for the kitchen and I purr like a kitty. And so I've been introduced to Lemon Bird Jams.

She brought me Grilled Nectarine with Balsamic Vinegar, Long Peppers and Sea Salt (!!!) and having now sampled it straight out of the jar (truth be told this is one of my favorite ways to eat jam) I am eager to rest it next to some ready cheese (Manchego I'm thinking could be delish.....but I know if I walk into Beverly Hills Cheese Shop or Say Cheese they'll give me a perfect pairing). Or glaze something and throw it on the grill.....

Of course I had to head straight to the site, where I've found flavors like Cherry with Star Anise, Peach with Rose Wine and Cinnamon, and Kumquat with Dark Chocolate and Espresso.

Uh oh. I just learned they have a jam-of-the-month club. Grapefruit with Jalapeno and Candied Ginger anyone? Apricot with Honey and Pistachio?

You can also find them on etsy and there are even a few retailers, some in CA and one in my hometown of Charleston, SC. I think I just found one of my new favorite gifts! Er, for my friends of course......with an extra jar for me every time......

One of these days I'm getting back in the kitchen and when I do it's time for some jam-making of my own. Til then I am more than content with Lemon Bird. Which would also be a cool name for a kid......


  1. oh my. i just ate breakfast and you managed to make me hungry for more. JAM OF THE MONTH! here i was going to start making my own since purchasing "jam, pickle and cure it." that maybe delayed now.

  2. Look at Sky, making his debut on the blog!

    Um, I think I might have to join that Jam o' the month club!!! Would that be terribly selfish of me? We could share? Split the jars when the arrive in the mail?

  3. LoA: do both! I want to know what you make!
    Teenie: I totally forgot to give you credit for the photos---doing now. Wanna split the club?! I'm in

  4. congrats on your opening last night!
    so glad you love the jam, it was so hard to choose a flavor. the lemon bird folks, by the way, let me sample ALL of their flavors. i must have eaten half a jar just trying to pick one for you. poor me. runner up was cantaloupe vanilla bean. sounds weird, but tasted amazing! let's make some ourselves soon!!

  5. love the jam AND i felt so good after getting my dreamy massage from you
    and have a skin question for you---i'll call u:)
    let's plan jam making!!!

  6. Hi, I found your blog from the program for "The Good Book." The production is very well done, and you and the other actors are fantastic. I admit that I have not been to many (read: two) plays in Los Angeles, and I am very impressed with the quality of theater here in LA.

    Oh, and LOVE the idea of the "jam of the month" club! Do you teach yoga in Pasaden?

  7. I only teach in Santa Monica and El Segundo! Isn't jam of the month irrestistible???
    So glad you liked the show---you were part of an amazing audience and I thank you for that.