Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy Halloween! Why do I have a feeling there will be lots of Twilight costumes this year?

I came across this quote from one of my favorite books of all time, Shantaram. Seriously, if you have never read it you are in for a phenomenal journey. And quite a commitment. It's over a thousand pages. But I would read it again. Images from that book haunt me in the good way. There, that's Halloweeny! They haunt me. Like photos I want to step into if I could reach into another dimension. I bookmarked so many pages in that book.....This one leapt up at me today.

You can't kill love.....Love is the passionate search for a truth other than your own; and once you feel it, honestly and completely, love is a forever. Every act of love, every moment of the heart reaching out, is part of the universal good: it's part of God, or what we call God, and it can never die.
Gregory David Roberts, author of Shantaram

I guess love not vampirism is the way to live forever:)


  1. You are the second person to recommend this book! I need to read it soon.

  2. I finally read the book and it was amazing.