Wednesday, November 3, 2010

O yeah Ojai

Sky and I hid from Halloween this year. We had big plans to be at what I'm sure was an amazing dance party, but having danced quite a lot and drank, I'd say, gallons of champagne at a swanky New York black tie wedding the weekend prior, we were done. Plus we realized we really didn't know anyone at this party, so would we rather hang out with each other in sweaty costumes or in plush robes at a spa? Maybe we're getting old but we chose Exhibit B: cancelled the party plans and booked a room last minute at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. There are deals to be had when you're spur of the moment my friends!

A gorgeous 90-min drive up PCH and inland a few miles and we were there. It takes me longer to get to Hollywood some days. This was waiting for us in our cozy room:

It says Happy Anniversary since when they asked if we were celebrating anything I said it was a belated anniversary since I guess it kind of was. But I'm the girl who celebrates my birthday for a good month.

In case you haven't heard we've been having summer weather in California, which is kinda nice since we didn't have it this summer. So this sun is as warm as it looks out our window

On Sunday we rented bikes and rode to the farmers' market. The market was so pretty and just like when someone makes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it tastes better than yours, this market, though so much smaller than my gorgeous ones at home, captivated me. Their heirloom pumpkins were particularly perfect.

And they have some incredible vendors that don't come down to LA, including Ojai olive oil which has one gazillions of awards over the years. We brought a bottle home of their signature variety which is strong and grassy like I like it, but I think I NEED a jar of the olive oil face cream. My skin won't weather the harsh California winter without it.

We also came back with insanely delicious raw agave-sweetened chocolate which Mimi has been making for 30 years. Can you say Fig Truffle? Can you say Fig Truffle with a fig truffle in your mouth? Maybe I'll show you that picture sometime.....

Then there was Mt. Olive farm which had lovely jams and salad dressings as well as fresh juices including Pine Needle juice which I didn't try because I had so many other tastes happening but I wish I had. They literally juice pine needles and add some lime. Let me know if you try that one at home. I brought home some Shiso Leaf tea which is like a soft version of mint. Yum.
We ate at low-key local joints instead of the fancier hotel restaurant and drove to Meditation Mount on Sunday to see the sunset. But the best part was that we slept for 10 hours a night and were together 24/7 with the exception of the couple hours apart in the his and hers spa. Dressing up as a Laid-Back person suits me just fine.

And then, since you know this is on my mind a lot, I'll say that we each had a crazy wild moment of feeling how surreal it is to think that when I do get pregnant there will be a period of time where we don't know it. Only the powers bigger than us and that soul that will be our child will know it. You just can't test right away which means there is biologically built into our lives a window of waiting in the utter unknown. How magnificently mysterious and brilliantly engineered is that?

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  1. sounds like a lovely excursion!! let me know how the face cream is ;)