Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Heart Beth Lapides

I have such aspirations for my blog! Such organization, such regularity, such consistency! I've planned and re-planned the themes, what I'll do every Monday, every Thursday, when I'll post quotes.....I've managed to do exactly NONE of the above. I get here when I get here, and, in my quest to embrace my imperfections, focus on how much I love putting things up here, and do what I can do. For those of you that read, I so thank you. And for those of you that comment, well, you make my day. Honestly.

A loooooong time ago I posted on this beautiful being. And with it I said I wanted to post about inspiring women regularly. I think I've done that, mmm, one other time. I've thought about a lot of candidates though:) However, I went to a show last week that rocked my world. If you don't live in LA and therefore can't get to one of the shows yourself, never fear: you can browse the website and listen to podcasts and it'll be like you were in the room. I'd like to introduce you to Beth Lapides. She takes the "ow" out of "Now". She wrote that, not me.

She does a show called "100% Happy 88% of the time" currently playing at the Improv Lab Theatre on Melrose Wednesday nights for a few more weeks. I'll wreck it if I try to explain it to you, but a hint is that being FINE sucks. Be really happy or really bloody miserable, because they're much closer together than you'd think. And when you're unhappy, confused, scared, don't know where to turn, there are signs from your friend the cosmos all around to point you in the right direction. Beth is a gifted comedienne, and I am not, so I won't try to humorously recount her insanely humorous show, butI will tell you what I love about it.

At the heart of it, I'd say, is the balance between living today, in LA, and being on that Hollywood ride, and at the same time, and perhaps more importantly so, being drawn to and unable to get away from, the sense--no, more than a sense--that the cosmos is a real thing and that tapping into is is muy importante. In fact, everything you need is right there at your mystical fingertips. OMG my thoughts exactly!!! If you head over to her syndicated column (yes, I steered you to a post I particularly like, and yes, she's a yogi---PURR) you'll get a sense of why she describes herself in her bio as "a Type-A free spirit: working hard to let the wind blow her where it will." OMG that's me!!!

I love this woman. She is rad rad RAD. And what I love, too, is that as I drove home, I remembered how much happier I am when I surrender to the part of myself some might call Out There. When she talked about skepticism and then miracles surrounding a particular incident involving angel healings, I laughed so hard I hurt and also thought YEEEEEEES!!! I love when I let these miracles happen, and I am so much happier when I am believing in signs and listening for cosmic cues. I do meditate, I do believe in the Law of Attraction, I do take time every day to connect to and thank powers bigger than me.....and yet I can still get lost. Still think the to-do list is more important than getting enough sleep. Still get scared that so-and-so got the job I wanted---as if the right one isn't coming to me at the exact right time. And on top of that I can be cynical! So so so so cynical! Like rolling-my-eyes-wishing-they-would-shut-up-about-crystals-already-cynical! I love reminders, and I love when they're hilarious reminders, to come back to myself and to let this life be the wild ride that it is, and that we are all so much more connected than it can seem when we're in our pods. I mean cars. And that I love crystals. In fact I want a crystal. In fact I love people who know a lot about crystals. Thank you, Beth, for reminding me of that, and thank you for being an inspiration for where consciousness can take you if you let it.

both images from her site

She runs workshops, she has podcasts, she has a book of haikus, and yes, she even has a blog.

While you peruse her site, I'm taking a trip over to Mystic Journey Bookstore and getting better acquainted with my inner angel listener.

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