Sunday, March 27, 2011

First of Many

A week went by, didn't it? I'd say I'm not sure how that happened, but I know exactly how it happened. I've been helping to teach a Teacher Training for Yoga Works and I was out of the house before 7:30 every day last week, often not getting home til dinner time or after.

So hi.

We're heading into the last week of the training; it's been really good--a great group of yoga-teachers-to-be coming into the world. And I'll be happy to have a little time back. I feel like I have about 4 months left of My Schedule. Then you-know-who arrives and it's the end of My anything for a while.

Maybe I could say this about anything at any time of my life if I chose to, but I feel I'm being given all different sorts of experiences these 9 1/2 months to prepare me for the surrender necessary for motherhood: surrender of my body, surrender of my time, surrender of my agenda from little things to big. Then you add all the hormones racing around which make me, for one, so unbelievably sensitive on certain days (I had four days straight of tears last week around that super full moon) and I get to practice holding myself together (or not) when every nerve in my body wants to collapse. At least til I get myself alone. It's an intelligent design.

The house has pretty much been on hold these last few weeks, but as I have some time in the months of April and May I promise to post photos on how the redecorating is coming. We have to repaint the bedroom we repainted: the color we chose turned out too light and too blue. Something else to take in stride. I might have to redo a wall someday when one of my children colors on it. And the garage really is the bane of my existence right now: it somehow seems representative of all the chaos waiting for me on the other side of my sanity. But I'll tackle it soon.

Anyway, I did manage to make something delicious last night: lentil burgers.

For the recipe go here, to Heidi's beloved and brilliant site. I added a few walnuts and lemon zest to the recipe, and planned on caramelizing onions until I forgot I'd planned that and it was too late. I made the saffron yogurt sauce she suggested and that is yum. Planning on putting the leftovers on veggies, sandwiches, maybe using as a salad dressing. The one thing I'll say is that she cuts the patties in half and uses them like a bun: so between the patties you have your sauce, avocado, greens, whatever. I guess I didn't make them thick enough because that wouldn't have worked with mine. So I ate with a knife and fork sans bun, and Sky put his between slices of bread and kept moaning about how good it was. Play around. This was the first of many times I'll be making these as I want to master the right thickness to halve and pick up, and I want one with caramelized onions.

Talk soon.

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