Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Tame the Beast

March is getting away from me. I'm assisting a yoga teacher training at Yoga Works where I've taught for the last 10 years, and it's all day every day and that's a lot to get used to. House projects have to wait, the second Twilight movie has to wait (I confess I watched the first one and I double confess that I liked it), and Sky and I are back to scheduling time together. But it's only til April 1.

When I'm my busiest I need music. Need it to quiet the frenetic beat inside that can escalate when I've got a day I won't be home for 12 hours and the kitchen hasn't been cleaned and I haven't really meditated and the garage is still a war zone. And Andrew Bird is high on my list of folks I listen to when I want to get a little cooler. In yoga an excess of heat is rajas, an excess of cold, or sluggishness, is tamas, and the perfect balance is satva. Andrew Bird helps me be sattvic:)

Have you seen this video on YouTube? If you know Mr. Bird it will be an affirmation of how much you love him; if you don't, please say hello to one of your new favorite artists. At the Guggenheim, no less: one of the great buildings in this world if I may humbly opine. His album Noble Beast has tamed my ignoble beast on many a day.

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