Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ramona Trent family photos

I have insanely talented friends--just feel blessed that way. One of them, the lovely Ramona Trent (equally lovely name) takes exquisite photos of mamas, babies, and families. If you're in the SoCal area you might give yourself a gift of a session with her.

Let's travel back in time a couple months...

Recognize that person? Yours truly about 3 weeks before my due date.

This one below is my absolute fave. Am going to (one day in the future when I do house projects again) get it enlarged, printed, and framed.

And here are some from her site that I love.

I think I'm becoming obsessed with family portraiture.

Ramona is a dream to work with, brings all sorts of cool fabrics to act as backdrops if you shoot indoors and want to use them (we did some with her grandmother's antique lace that are too nudey for the internet but that are pretty amazing) , and is one of those photographers that has that treasured virtue called patience, so you're not stuck feeling like you have to make silly faces for the camera and get the shot in the next 2 minutes or else. I so recommend getting in touch with her up if you've been thinking of getting some shots of you or your babe or your family done. She has one package which is 3 sessions with your baby over the course of a year. Is it too late for me to ask for another birthday present?

As I write this, Luciana is asleep in the Moby wrap (my new lifesaver since she doesn't seem to want to nap during the morning otherwise) and making high grunty dream sounds. Where is she in that vast subconscious housed in that tiny head of hers? I don't get to know, but I think she's having quite the adventure.