Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Parenting Lessons at 2 Months

Coco (which we sometimes call Luciana) is 2 months tomorrow

Parenting lessons of the week:

I completely and totally understand how parents stare at their child and say "YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD". There is no way to me Luciana could be more beautiful, more perfect, more adorable, more lovable. And I know every parent is saying the same thing about their baby, and all of us are right.

photo here

Now I know that you always give your child the seat by the window, even if you yourself would love to look out of it. And that this isn't a decision--it's just what happens. My mom said something to me once and I never forgot it--now that I have a baby I know exactly what she means. She said that your child is the person you lie down in front of a train for without thinking. You might do it for someone else---your spouse for instance, or a sibling you're really close to--but you'd think about it before you did it. That's true for me, anyway. With your baby you don't think. It would happen without consideration if that's what needed to happen. It's the craziest feeling. It's just WHAT IS. Involuntary and absolutely willing surrender to her well-being. For me this is wild, unknown, magnificent, and in its own way freeing. I think about someone other than myself all day. So yes, the window, and everything else.

photo here