Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sky came home today from Hong Kong where he's been for a week. He had a semi-difficult time, largely due to the fact that he's a vegetarian and in Hong Kong when you don't know your way around the restaurant scene that can be harder than it sounds. He went to one restaurant and saw this on the menu
Can you read that? It says Chicken Testicles. Wok-seared chicken testicles and pork kidney with ginger.He got a little weirded out and ended up eating McDonald's french fries across the street.

So I wanted to do something sweet for the guy, leave him something at home since he'd probably get home before I did (which actually didn't happen, but oh well). Something that didn't involve long hours of crafting since that just wasn't happening this week.

I don't think flowers are only for girls, especially when the flower is a peony. It's peony time at Trader Joe's. A friend called me earlier this week to tell me; I wait for this all year. Lots of us Angelenos do. $6.99 for 5 when normally they're 4 bucks a pop in a flower store. I indulged and bought 2 bunches.

And propped up underneath them I left this card (in its envelope of course)

from this company, Naughty Betty at Calypso Cards.

Here are some more from them:

that says sixteen-year-old if you can't quite read it

Sometimes it's just right to be a little bit wrong.


  1. Love those cards! Thanks for the tip. And going to grab some of those peonies for a shower I'm throwing on Saturday. Not sure if you saw my response to your comment, but think that's so cool about Cate. Planning on coming to see the show:)

  2. Glad you both like:)
    Ms. French--I DID read your response and funny enough was talking to Cate yesterday and she just assumed we knew each other. Oh the conviviality of blogland:)