Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Choose to Accept Your Mission

Sky and I are heading to New York tomorrow for a wedding. A fancy New York black tie wedding. FUN. Back early next week so see you after that.

Meanwhile I am going to leave you with a challenge. If you choose to accept we will be teammates for the next 30 days.

When Misalliance ended Sky was in Hawaii on business. Upon returning, and knowing his wife to be the type that with too much unstructured time on her hands can go a little kookoo, he presented me with a sticker which he said was to be my new mantra in this period of more free time.
Here it is:

I'll have you know I've mounted the sticker prominently in our kitchen. Eww. I see spots on the wall above it I need to go clean. I've never noticed those before!

While you might at first find this message offensive, I assure you its meaning is beneficent. Sky is challenging me to 30 days of no worrying. I am so good at worrying! And nothing like free time on my hands to get me going. Sky can tell by the look on my face if the hamster (ie the worrisome thought track in my brain) has been running. His favorite thing is to look over and see me peaceful. Then, he says, the hamster is meditating. That or she drank a lot of wine:)

So I'm taking this on. Because I'd really like this period when I'm not so busy to be a beautiful one. One in which I take more time for meditation, friends, kundalini yoga, reading, cooking, let alone time with my HUSBAND--things I LOVE to do that I've had to put on the back burner for a while. But trust me, I could stress out the entire time if I wanted to. Perhaps you relate. So in addition to putting into practice all the things that I've listed above, I also need to NOT do certain things that can get me going.

Things that contribute to me worrying excessively: too much time on the computer (called The Silver Bullet), too much time on the iphone (called The Baby Bullet), too much time puttering in the house looking for things that are wrong with it, too much time spent comparing myself to other people especially at the gym and IMDB, balancing my checkbook late at night, getting on the computer first thing in the morning, wondering how much money I'll have thirty days from now, wondering what jobs I'll have by the end of the year, spinning at the thought that I might never get pregnant, wondering if that will destroy my life, trying to plan my schedule for the end of next week, the political quagmire that is this country. I think these are the big ones.

If you want to be my worriless warrior buddy perhaps you'll make two similar lists. Perhaps we can post them in prominent places to remind ourselves what we love to do and what isn't so great for us. Perhaps we'll telepathically connect or find each other on Facebook and send messages that we quieted the hamster for today and totally enjoyed ourselves. I think having a good deal of fun every day is a worthy goal.

Here we go......30 days....Starting now


  1. i don't know if i know how not to worry! would just a touch of low grade concern be permissible? a tiny baby mouse rather than a hamster?
    i support and applaud you. and i want to go with you to kundalini some time :)

  2. This sounds SOOOO familiar! I too, have an overactive rodent in my brain. I also experience the anxiety about reaching our "career" goals - how much work should we be putting in to get there vs. "letting it happen" - it's my constant mental battle!

    My goals over the next 30 days are to attend yoga at least once a week, and start participating in this "friday moment" from now on.


    I hope you have a fabulous time!

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