Monday, April 12, 2010

The Birds and the Bees and Other Facts of Life

So my dears---it didn't go as I wish it had gone. I did not sail through the Mad Men audition with flying colors; in fact, if it were up to me to judge I'd say I kind of tanked. But it's actually not up to me; I have absolutely no idea how I came across to anyone else in the room. I have certainly nailed auditions I never heard another word about, and driven home crying from ones that I ended up getting. Suffice to say I wasn't who I wanted to be in the room; it didn't go according to the gorgeous vision I had of it; and I left feeling really sad and actually really mad at myself. Not necessarily a helpful attitude, but it was mine in the moment, and a fact of life is you get sad and disappointed and mad sometimes.

I was fortunate enough to get to out of town for the weekend which was perfect since I could focus on things other than moi and le audition. But back this morning in LA I found myself very blue. I'd say indigo. Or dark navy. Part of it was the Mad Men thing and part of it was...who knows. A lot of things. I tried being patient and kind to myself and simply let myself have a blue day. Since resisting or judging the feeling just makes it stick around longer. If I can accept it and be my own friend in it, life can usually get in and work some magic when I'm not looking. So I did that but my head kept getting so busy with worrisome thoughts. Then I tried shifting my thinking: looking around and finding positive things about my life to love and appreciate, and that worked too. For a bit. Still the day was Eh. And that's OK. However, it's evening now and I am pulling out all the stops. If I can't move myself into feeling better by myself I guarantee you there is some piece of music that is going to help. So I introduce to you my newest musical obsession: The Bird and the Bee.

I'm sure many of you hipsters know this but B&B is actually Inara George and Greg Kurstin and their most recent contribution to music heaven is a whole album of Hall&Oates covers.

Now remember I posted that photo of me and Juliana dressed up as H&O for Halloween? I have been a fan of Darryl and John since dad used to play the records in the 80s. "Maneater" might have been the first song I rocked out to on the living room floor. And I've been a fan of Inara since KCRW started playing her when? a few years ago? So when you take Inara's dreamy voice and the duo's irresistably groovy sound and put it on the likes of "One on One", "Kiss on My List", "Maneater" (that's on right now and I can barely type because I'm dancing in my seat here), "Sara Smile"....and more...... Well, it's kind of impossible to not be really happy to be alive.

Look at these two

How cool are they??I found this photo, by Autumn de Wilde (go to Flickr and search her stuff: you will not be sorry) on their site which now, of course, I have to spend mucho time on.

Do yourself a favor and download the album. And while on itunes may I also suggest their cover of the Bee Gees "How Deep is Your Love". I don't even really like the original (there I said it), but I'm obsessed with this cover. For all of these songs I get these cravings to hear them at every possible moment and put them on repeat 6 times.

And now I leave you to do just that.

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