Monday, April 5, 2010

An email list you want to be on

April is National Poetry Month, and if you, like me, have an everpresent if not-that-attended to wish to read more poetry this is your chance. Sign up for the "Poem-a-Day" email here:

There's a box in the lower right you can enter your email and receive a Poem a Day for the month of April. You can stay subscribed and you'll get poems emailed to you periodically as well as announcements from the American Poets Society, or you can unsubscribe til next April when National Poetry Month will suddenly appear in your inbox like a winning literary lottery ticket. What would it be like to be a member of the American Poets Society? THAT seems like a special honor.

I used to subscribe and I think somewhere in an email-address change or mail overwhelm I ended up not subscribed and had forgotten about Poem-A-Day until Easter morning when my friend Alysia sent me this and reminded me:


The rose, for all its behavior,
is smaller than the lifelove it stands for,
only briefly brightening,
and even its odor
only a metaphor.
Or so we suppose
just as we suppose the savior
we employ or see next door
is only some hired man

Marie Ponsot

We never really know what's going on in another life do we?

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