Friday, April 16, 2010

Sur La Plage

Fantasy Item of Today: Norma Kamali bathing suits. As some of you know if you been reading for a while, I was told by my superfabulous homeopath to gain a little weight. I have done so heroically (it's been liberating actually), yet I'd be lying if I said it didn't bring up some vulnerability in the area of bathing-suit-wearing. I tried one on last weekend and had that moment of fear wondering if I would spend any time at all on the beach this summer and then y'know what? I said F That. I am taking this summer as a chance to be a hot mama goddess at this new size and practice strutting proudly with my pet booty behind me. And lemme tell you if I wanted to spend upwards of $300 on a bathing suit, my honeys, this is what I would wear
Even though women were more oppressed and I couldn't have this blog if I in fact were there, I have always secretly wished I'd lived in the 50s. I have had a love affair with the fashion from that period (and into the early 60s for sure) since I was about 15. So you understand why I've been staring at this since I found it. Plus I think the cut would be extremely flattering for those of us with what we'll call delicious feminine curvy stuff that doesn't mind being tucked in a bit. So in my fantasy world of today I wear this with the hat, glasses, lipstick and earrings (because fancy earrings on the beach in the Riviera are essential didn't you know?), eat cherry tomatoes picked by Giuseppe the gardener washed down with champagne, read crime novels set in that foreign land called LA, and take a 2-hour siesta in my cabana before waking and dressing in Givenchy.
The daydream could also be fulfilled if I wore this

or this

or even this

although this one would definitely be worn by that scandalous 18-year-old who loves to distract Giuseppe and did not have to gain weight this year.

This one I guess is worn by the alien who lands on the beach and teaches me how to drive a race car.....I don't see myself pulling it off......

but if you can then I actually think you should

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