Friday, January 28, 2011


As I said, we moved. To an amazing place. And we lack all furniture. Our old place had a lot of built-ins, plus it was a lot smaller. So the fun and scary thing is we need to buy A LOT.

I unofficially began the process this week by making a trip to Ikea. I bought a couple of these bookshelves
which I thought would inconspicuously blend into the walls so you really only see the books--one smaller one in the guest bedroom and a taller one for the living room. I realize I might assemble them and not like them and have to take them down and take them back but who knows. Same with this shelf that I bought for inside the closet: extra sweater and shoe space

But what we're up to this weekend is couch and dresser shopping. I reeeeally like these from Room and Board. One of our living spaces is made for an L-shaped couch

And no one would notice if we just slipped one of these into the truck, would they? I've had my eye on these round nesting chairs for a long timeWe also really need a desk, workspace, whatever. I'm thinking I can put some office supplies on the lower shelves of the bookcase (and maybe even buy the doors from Ikea so they're not visible) so we could have a spare, modern worktable for the two of us. I want this one
from Croft House . Which doesn't mean I get to have it.

Then the kicker is that there is one dresser I have coveted and lusted after for about 3 years. Here it is: The Matera Dresser from DWR.
Why, oh WHY are you $3500, Matera?? That is not helping my cause at all. In fact, it is seriously working against you. But I've never seen one I love as much as you. Must you keep me pining and daydreaming? Oh, where is justice?

Have a great weekend. I'll let you know if we end up with anything.


  1. How fun! I love furniture and house shopping! That first sectional is super should post pics when you're done decorating! :)

  2. Hi Melanie! Do you follow Young House Love ( I think you'd like their style and they just bought a sectional like the ones you have pictured.

  3. Amy, I will absolutely post pics! and Kelsey, I just checked it out----you're right--they're awesome. We found a sofa we adore! Now we just have to wait about 4 weeks for it:)

  4. Dear Melanie,

    I happened to be at the DWR store today, and they told me that you had purchased a Matera dresser and wrote about it on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and hope you enjoy it as much I've enjoyed designing it. Have a wonderful weekend. -S-

  5. Sean, in case you come back here, I will tell you that the dresser is SO BEAUTIFUL and makes me SO HAPPY. Thanks to you for designing it. I'm so tickled and honored that you showed up here:)