Monday, January 31, 2011

I Have No Limits!!

At least that's how I'm expecting to feel now that I bought the new No Limit Tank from Lululemon.

I didn't actually BUY it in the traditional sense of the word---I had a gift card, which is my favorite way to buy anything.

I saw a girl wearing one at the gym a few days ago and I probably scared her when I rushed her to ask (without even a Hi--I'm so rude sometimes) "Did you get that at Lululemon recently?!" Translate: "Hi, total stranger, tell me where you got your pretty top so I can get one too and you can feel slightly deflated when you see someone else wearing your new favorite thing."

But she was generous and told me, yes, she'd gotten it last week. So I snuck over today and blessing of blessings found that color in the picture in my size. I don't buy Lulu often because it does cost a lot, but all the testimonials are true: it lasts almost forever and I feel so good in them. I think that's important when exercising. I honestly relate to my body differently when I like what I put it in, even if I'm getting hot, stinky and sweaty. Speaking of stinky, this top has an anti-stink something in the fabric so one could wear it a couple days in a row and no one would know! Except the girl who always books the bike next to you in spinning. She might notice. As I am one to wear a favorite piece of clothing for up to 4 days in a row, this is good news.

And for any mommies-to-be out there, look at the room in the belly!!! You could totally grow into this thing, and the bra top isn't one of those crazy-tight ones like some of theirs are.

I feel limitless just talking about it.


  1. ooh you went. I so need to go make use of my card too. Need pretty things for spring!