Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Digs

Oh wow it's been a week. We moved! We moved.

It doesn't seem logical that moving is up there with death in terms of stress----my brain can't make that make sense---and yet it is. I am SO TIRED. In boxes for 10 days at old house and still in boxes in the new one since we just need a lot of stuff for this place. Bookcases, a dresser, 2 it looks like it's in transition and it might for a little while. The garage is currently a toddler's dream as there are about 50 boxes in there stacked on top of each other waiting for someone to claim them for free off craigslist. Know anyone moving? But wait a minute.....I said GARAGE. And 2 couches. Meaning we have LOTS of living space. 2 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. WHAAAAAAT?

I have my own tub for the first time in 4 years which means if people don't hear from me for a while they should look in there. I seem to gravitate there like a salmon upstream.

So Hi post-move. I haven't disappeared. I know I kind of disappeared several times in 2010 but I have a plan now. Of course we know the deal with plans: tell them to the Universe and the Universe laughs. However, I have a different teaching schedule now, and one of the things that affords me is time to be HERE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Woohoo! I'm excited!

I've really had to use the gratitude drug the last couple of days. It's been so easy to stress about such little stuff. This is a pretty amazing life that I'm living---and I don't say that because it's flashy or I just won a million dollars or got my own series. I'm saying it because it is beautiful. This morning the sun was streaming in in a single beam on the Buddha statue in our bedroom. I can see the sky at sunrise from the living room windows and it's so so quiet in the mornings. The place is a little old and it's got some bizarre touches (and being renters there's only so much we can do about that) but it's beautiful, it's peaceful, it's a little oasis. I'd show you pictures but really, it looks like a lot of stuff on the floor right now. Except the kitchen--I got that all settled.

See you very soon. Thanks for being here.


  1. Congrats on moving!! I actually do have a friend that is moving in a week and she lives in Venice! Are the boxes still available?? That would be great! My email is

  2. Can't wait to see the new pad!! Let me know when I can stop by...