Monday, February 7, 2011


Nothing fancy today. Simply want to tell you about a new product I stumbled upon yesterday when returning something at Sur La Table. Boos Board Cream. It's like a cocoa butter massage or a paraffin mask for your cutting board. I've always used plain mineral oil to care for my boards, one of which is a Boos Block (and I got it at Sur La Table so I'll link it there) and I happen to adore it. Doesn't matter if yours is Boos or not, if you keep the wood moist the board lasts much longer and the surface stays nice. Nice doesn't quite describe it now that I used this.

Massage it in at night (seriously, it says that), let it sit, and wipe off the excess in the morning. It's like having a new board. And there was something rather sweet about gently rubbing my board. Ok I talked to it, but you don't have to spread that around. I think it really appreciated it. The cream is just beeswax and mineral oil so totally safe, doesn't smell, all of that. And it's about $8. Not bad. Available on Amazon, Sur La Table, I think even Bed Bath and Beyond. Use on cutting boards, wooden utensils, butcher blocks......

Now I'm just waiting for the cutting board to talk back.

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