Friday, February 4, 2011

Shades of Grey

Before I tackle something as important as paint color, I have to say Thank You. Getting your congratulations and love was as wonderful as hearing it from the friends I talk to on the phone every day. I had tears reading them:) And if any of you have specific questions about any part of my process, you can always email me: I LOVE talking about this. Thank you thank you thank you for being on this journey with me.

So. The house. I will take some pics this weekend so we have before and after shots. The floor is pretty clear thanks to Ikea, and we have some great furniture on the way. Last weekend was successful! We're going to repaint the den/dining area, as well as our bedroom. They're right next to each other at the back of the house, and we're thinking a warmer, deeper grey in the family part of the house
and a lighter, softer grey in the bedroom (like the accents in this room)
The sectional we fell in love with at Weego Home and will have in about 4 weeks when it's ready is this delicious thing
but in a beautiful dark, almost reddish brown leather. It is so so so so SO comfy and the leather is sumptuous and elegant. So picture that with a warm grey, a cozy little rug and some blankets and I think there's a good nest in the making. The front of the house is incredibly sunny all day and we're keeping that a lot lighter. I think the contrast will be nice......Feel free to weigh in. And have a beautiful beautiful weekend.

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