Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How does it happen that I'm still sitting here in my puffy jacket I pulled out since it was raining this morning, haven't turned any lights on, have been lying on my stomach (better do it while I still can) and have been roaming the internet long??

There's a pile of paper next to me for recycling since I did manage to pay some bills and organize some receipts in the middle of researching all the places I want to EAT this weekend when we go to San Francisco. You'll get the full report next week, but in the meantime if you have a favorite restaurant that's veggie-friendly do tell. I'm pretty sad I only get six meals there, and that's if we wake up early/stay up late enough to merit eating that. Baby has me realllly sleepy these days. I think someone is growing fast. And therefore needs LOTS of food. Tartine, I'm coming. Save a loaf.

I think the last time I was in San Fran is when Sky and I got engaged. Is that right?? He took me on a surprise trip to Napa, made the room look like this
while I was at the gym, and after an epic sort of obstacle course/blindfolded sensory treasure hunt gave me this
That night we went to Bouchon (pictured here
the next day when we went back. For macarons. You know how I feel about macarons.)

I wore this faux fur which my amazing stepmom found me on ebay and I still love. One can't not feel glamourous when wearing this. Mad Men costume designer would approve, methinks.
It was all appropriately rainy and romantic
and on the way home I got to see where my then-future-husband partied way too much
I think I'm glad I didn't go to Stanford, if only because had I known him then we might have been ruined for each other.

Did I just comb through my past for images for you? Totally. And they're all of Napa when we're spending most of our time in the city. I can't help it. I'm an emotional pregnant lady and there's nothing like a sentimental trip through the past to offset the rage I felt when the Gas Co. failed to show up for the service appointment I scheduled the day around. So I'm sitting here being sappy.

OK, yeah, we're off to NoCal; I'll be back here on Monday and will probably talk about food. Although we're also going up there to take a workshop with John Friend, who really is as special as I've always heard he is. I'm loving practicing yoga pregnant, I gotta say. I've never gotten so much tender individual attention from senior teachers:)

Have a beautiful rest of your week. See you after Presidents' Day.

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