Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If I Were a Flower.....

I do realize I posted peony pictures last week. However, those passed and I bought more. At any other time of year I put off going to Trader Joe's as long as possible because of their parking lots. At peony time it's worth organizing an afternoon around. This new bunch became so spectacular that they needed their own post.
One actually opened up on the car ride home. They're so eager to be gorgeous. Kristina also posted peonies last week and she put it well: they're the hussies of the flower kingdom. No shyness around their beauty: just begging to be loved, admired and adored. I should name them all Scarlett.

These have now turned to almost white which is what happens right before they drop their petals. I'm remiss to change the water because I don't want to make that happen because I move them. Except that I did go buy more today. At $6.99 a bunch I feel no shame.


  1. I'm with you on these beauties. I love them so much.

  2. Oh, how I love peonies. They look like great big clouds of happiness :)