Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now there's not much to do but wait.
I had my second shower this weekend, this one co-ed and hosted by the lovely and amazing Kristina and her husband/Sky's brother Brock. (Some women who take my yoga class threw me a beautiful one earlier this month.) I do love a coed shower. I knew it would be gorgeous and delicious because it's Kristina. She just does things that way.

There's the chalkboard to sign up to bring us dinner since I hear I won't be up for cooking at first.....

As you know, we haven't found out the baby's gender. Guests picked a pink or blue tissue flower to wear on their lapels based on how they're voting. Most women picked girl; most men voted boy, but there were some who crossed the gender line. Any of you have a sense? (The jar that looks like OJ was very strong orange margaritas by the way. I didn't have one--duh--but I hear they were killer in every sense of the world. The white crock had watermelon aqua fresca. Ahhhhhh.)

To go with the backyard fiesta theme, she picked up tres leches cupcakes from a nearby bakery and another one of my besties made Mexican chocolate mousse (yes, I scarfed both).

So many of our friends have kids now and it's a totally different kind of party having them all around. A really fun kind of party. Especially when there are chickens to chase, balls to throw around, and trucks to climb over thanks to Dashiell (who's really into belly buttons right now-see below).

And then they all need naps.....

Notice Sky is wearing blue and I am wearing pink....

We were given adorable things, functional things, beautiful things, hilarious things

Have you read this? You need to. Today.

There were a couple other babies-en-route present (Julie and I are due 5 days apart and we live kinda close together! FUN. No, we didn't plan it. Weird that people ask that.)

Our mamas were there--this is the 5th grandchild for Sky's mom and the first for mine.

And there's the hummingbird, the star of the party. We're 36 weeks and 1 day, or about 27 days from showtime.

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