Thursday, June 16, 2011

TIlted and Shifted

I've been taking a lot of walks lately. That's what they tell pregnant women to do, and it does feel really good. I usually opt not to drag my camera, but I do often carry my phone because OMG HOW CAN I BE SEPARATED FROM IT?! No, really it's because sometimes I listen to music and often I like to keep track of time since I'm still working on being less scheduled. There are some beautiful things blooming around the hood these days, and that's where the Tilt Shift Gen app comes in so handy. I'm sure you all have it and are wondering why I'm posting it a good year and a half or more after its debut, but I am. Like Toy Camera, it blows things out and somehow saturates the color and makes them kind of vintage-y. So eh photos become really pretty.

and no, I couldn't not shoot the peonies

Wait--that's not Tilt Shift Gen! That's someone who wants to say Hi.