Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smock Paper

I think I've been admiring Smock Paper for a while. But not until this weekend, when I picked up a box of Thank You cards at Kellygreen did I realize it.

(those are the ones I got--how lovely?!)

Now I think I might only buy theirs. Smock is the first bamboo print shop in the US, meaning all this letterpressed beauty is totally eco. Not only is the paper bamboo and the ink vegetable based, the print shop is 100% wind-powered. I am IN LOVE.

Not only can one find adorable occasion cards

but you can design your wedding invite or any other special day--I loved the invite to this event I found on their blog-- they do gorgeous custom work which you can and might want to peruse.

I adore how much color there is and the sometimes vintage, sometimes almost a little kitschy, sometimes completely elegant design. The founder and designer, it turns out, founded Snow & Graham, of which I am a fan. But this has the eco-edge. I'm a devotee in one day. And said founder/designer draws inspiration from, among many other glorious sources, the photos of Julia Margaret Cameron. Deep sigh.

I want their entire page of gift wrap, but with the holidays coming up (did I just say that?) I might not be able to resist some mistletoe

And suddenly I need a new inbox on my desk

Someone take me out of the room. Now. This is getting out of control.


  1. This is such good timing. I just ordered the anniversary card for my husband for our first wedding anniversary. Our wedding was "honey" themed - our wedding invitations
    even had a bee on them - since our last name is Hunnicutt. Thanks for posting! xo.

  2. Nicole, i love your invites!! so glad that timing was so right:) happy anniversary! xo