Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White......

It's early to start thinking of winter, especially when here in SoCal we're having another Indian summer and it's almost 90 degrees on the westside. Growing up in South Carolina and now living in LA I can't say I'm a pro at winter. Real winter. I love to romanticize it, imagine myself in muffs and long wool coats in crunchy snow making my way to my chalet where I'll cook stew, serve rich red wine to a table full of friends, and sleep with 4 dogs under a big fur throw. Faux fur of course. No animals have been harmed in the production of this daydream.

In truth I get cold when it's 60 degrees out and don't know how to make a proper snowball.

The Heath seasonal collection, however, might serve as well as a vacation in the Alps, and if I use that as a gauge, is totally affordable....I love the etching, like branches in snow, and the warmth of the interiors.

It's not too early to start dreaming about winter, after all.

bowl of roasted squash and farro, anyone?

surely a neighbor has some bushes with red berries for this......

But for now I'm going to get a popsicle.

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