Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moulin Roty toy company

Here's what it looks like these days:

Luciana naps for 25-45 minutes at a time a few times a day. During said naps, mama either 1)gets a little exercise and /or takes a shower and/or throws some laundry in 2) frets that the house is a mess and tries to clean then remembers that it doesn't really matter 3) returns some emails 4) does a few minutes of meditating 5) handles anything unusual on the horizon that day, ie reading scripts, organizing holiday stuff, cooking for a party 6) tries to blog. Thank you for being patient with me on the short entries that come when they come!

You can see from the subject matter of recent posts that I am baby-shopping-happy.

I discovered Moulin Roty toys when shopping at Eggy recently. I came home with Luciana's first Christmas present

and a wooden train whistle for my nephew Dash. I'm almost overwhelmed by their incredible site, which practically brings tears to my eyes with how much soul the toys have. This one, from the Zazous collection, reminded me of the Velveteen Rabbit (tell me you know too grew up with that book!). I can see Luciana carrying it in its floppy yumminess for years. I could post I think 50 images from the Moulin collections. I'll put a few up, and I invite you to go get lost in the site. Check out their "fun" page where they put up winners of their photo competition--so sweet. The animals you'll soon meet have names like Perlette the Frog, Amedee the Duck, Felicie the Hen. I've been looking for some sweet puppets for Luciana and I think I've found them

Look at these mobiles!!

And below is just a sampling of what you'll find there: musical instruments; wooden toys like this push bus--they also have trolleys, wagons, money banks, wooden rings and rattles ; baby slippers; and more beloved furry creatures. For those of you decorating a nursery this is almost a one-stop shop.

There's even a tricycle

If you search for an online retailer on their site you'll be directed to shops in the UK, but Amazon has some as well as Alex and Alexa, you can order from their actual site, though that international shipping might be a bear, and if you live in the LA area it's just another excuse to get to Eggy on 3rd.

Joyeaux shopping!

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